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Silk Appeal

Silk Appeal is my other little venture on Facebook.  Its where I show case my silk work.  I have been selling it via Folksy and Etsy  You have to be quick it moves fast, the plan is now to start the process here and let my direst customers have first refusal

Pencil on Bristol Board

  • Detailed pencil portraits
  • Commissions taken
  • Products can be available as prints, cards and other products

About me

Drawing on Experience

Art has always been a big part of my life although it wasn’t until I moved to Dorset did i find the opportunity to flourish.  

I am a self taught  and do it because I love it.  It rounds my life and is my relaxation and release in this hectic work.   I do still deliberate if self taught is an advantage or disadvantage but this is where I am at the moment who knows what the future will bring.

I am a self representing artist this means I sell my own work either directly or through online shops and galleries.  My customer base for commissions often come from recommendations and repeat customers.

Drawing on experience

Addicted to Art

Drawing on experience… I have always doodled and still do,

Initially I would describe myself as a pencil artist.  I have a particularly interest in equestrian work and pet portraits.  This media continues to be one of my strengths working from sketches to near photo quality detail.

Along came some colour… painting did not come easily I had a few false starts experimenting with acrylic and oils finally settling on watercolour.  My drawing skills and watercolour married together well.  I continued with my equestrian and pet work and then dabbled a little in sea-scape and landscape.

Pastels take my journey with colour a little further and I love the  depth of detail that can be achieved.

I have also found silk painting which I like to describe as wearable art.   This differs slightly to my conventional work and brings with it different challenges